Saturday Convention Day February 22nd, 2020

Our convention will take place Saturday from 10 am- 3pm.  We will be on the 5th floor of The Platinum Hotel. We will have a Vendor Room featuring 24 vendors, a Raffle Room with lots of amazing prizes to raise money for Pacific Pug Rescue, a special event’s room for Pug Shows, and a Speaker’s room for educational talks throughout the day. 

We are very excited to have a very special guest speaker on Saturday.  Dr. Kathleen Smiler will be discussing Pug Myelopathy.  Dr. Kathleen Smiler’s Pug, Lily, was affected in 2005 with an almost unknown rear limb weakness at age 7.  She was fortunate to find knowledgeable diagnosis and treatment for Lily.  In the past 11 years Kathleen has increased awareness, and developed resources for Pug owners to provide long term home nursing care for their own disabled dogs.
​        Dr. Smiler is a 1970 graduate of the Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine.   Her work experience in research gives her an opportunity to combine purebred dog practice with basic investigative  science.  She has held offices in many veterinary medical organizations, including the  AVMA for 8 years and is currently Health Chair for Pug Dog Club of America. She and her husband Joel, also a veterinarian, have time in retirement to work to reduce the prevalence of this very complex Pug condition.

Dr. Kathleen Smiler

Dr. Kathleen Smiler’s pug Lily